Refund Policy

The mission to please the customers is continuous. But in any case you may not be pleased as a customer about what we have. With that in mind we are giving refunds under some conditions. Our view on refunds is as follows.

1. Incidents we deliver the refund

a. Where the product purchased is completely non-functional.

b. If we fail in 5 days (business days only) to respond to the help.

c. Unless the product description fills in what it actually provides.

d. If the product has a defenseless protection.

e. Promised assistance for Item not supported.

2. Situations we don’t deliver any refund

a. You’ve changed your mind about the item you purchased.

b. You bought an item by mistake, and the item(s) were sent / downloaded to you already.

c. It’s been already 10 days since you purchased our item.

d. We will not provide refund for any function you ask that is not described in our description of the item. (N.B: it is best for you to check the list of features and if the product has a demo link, then check that as well).

e. After purchasing, you changed your mind / thought.

f. Don’t have enough experience to use the product you purchased.

g. You requested a refund but did not provide sufficient information to that purpose.