eCommerce Development

Headless eCommerce Development opens up the door to limitless opportunities. It is a modern approach to building a fast, user-engaging, and revenue-boosting online store. Headless commerce is quickly becoming a go-to solution for many businesses looking to stay ahead of their competition. 

No doubt, by choosing headless commerce for developing your business store you can stay competitive in today’s ever-changing digital landscape.

eCommerce Development

What are the Benefits of Headless eCommerce?

The headless eCommerce model offers businesses lots of astonishing advantages over traditional eCommerce solutions. It allows for more easiness in managing, distributing, and presenting content across multiple platforms and devices. 

Headless eCommerce provides retailers with a powerful solution that can help them create a more engaging and personalized shopping experience for their customers. It offers increased flexibility, improved performance, enhanced security, cost savings, scalability, and easy integration with third-party services.

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Why StaticMania is the Best Partner to Develop your Headless eCommerce?

With the power of the latest headless JAMStack technologies, StaticMania can help you build your online business with pleasure. We offer a complete eCommerce development service, from consultancy, design, and development to effective digital marketing. Our eCommerce industry experts help you shape a modern online store that will be profitable as well as scalable to meet growing demands.

A team of well-experienced developers, creative UX/UI designers, SEO strategists, and best market researchers make them uniquely suited for the job.

Technologies We Use for eCommerce Development

Our experienced team offers a diverse selection of tech stacks for developing innovative Headless eCommerce solutions. We can help businesses make informed decisions about which ones are best suited for their needs.

Headless eCommerce

We are offering backend management services for the most popular Headless e-commerce platforms that include.


Commerce Layer

This API-first commerce engine makes it easy to go headless and start shipping globally.



Snipcart is designed to be extremely flexible. Its simple setup makes it a perfect shopping cart solution.



WooCommerce REST API and headless solution allow you to create a back-end and serve it on multiple eCommerce stores.


Shopify Plus

Shopify Plus and its storefront APIs allow the creation of a custom storefront and offer powerful headless commerce capabilities.



BigCommerce headless solution is designed for content-rich front end and to build headless storefronts for unique use cases. The most headless integrations, speed, and flexibility make it a benchmark

What Technologies We Use For The Development

Every business or website needs a different kind of solution to meet its needs. The Jamstack ecosystem consists of numerous technologies and tools. We always work with the latest technology stack to provide you with personalized and unique solutions. However, you can either provide your own tech stack or rely on us.

Headless CMS

Headless CMSs provide more flexibility when it comes to creating and managing content, as they allow developers to access the data directly from the API instead of relying on a user interface. This makes them ideal for applications such as e-commerce stores, where content needs to be updated frequently and quickly.

We work on a wide range of Headless CMS platforms such as Prismic, Strapi, Foresry, Dato CMS, Storyblok, Cloudcannon, Contentful, WordPress, etc.  The perfect one will be selected based on your business requirements.


Static Site Generator

Static site generators are used to create websites without the need for a backend or database. It is an ideal solution for headless e-commerce development, as it allows developers to quickly and easily create a storefront that can be hosted on any web server.

We work with the latest static site generators to help you create stunning front-ends such as Next.js, Astro, Gatsby, Hugo, 11ty, and Jekyll.


Deployment Platform

Headless E-commerce is typically hosted on cloud-based static site hosting platforms. These platforms provide a range of features including automated builds, continuous deployment, and global CDN support.

We will help you to get high-speed and high-performance deployment service with top-tier platforms such as Netlify, Vercel, AWS, etc.


Our Work Process

StaticMania is a place where we provide full-fledged headless eCommerce development services. Our JAMStack developer team works directly with clients and delivers customized solutions for their business needs.


Understand your Needs

Success of an eCommerce store depends on defining the business needs precisely. We arrange constructive meetings and discussions to identify your business objectives and priorities.


Generate Better Ideas

We go through strategic planning after discussing your project goals. After requirement gathering, the team will generate brainstorming ideas to achieve the business goal.


Provide Estimations

We can offer a comprehensive estimation that will include the best technology available, development time, optimized user experience, budgeting, and a clear understanding of the outcome.


Design & Development

We make use of the best-suited tools and technologies along with a well-defined roadmap. Needless to say, every step of the design and development workflow is trackable & intuitive.



Presentation sessions will be arranged with clients to demonstrate the product's status. Besides, you'll be always updated about project progress on Slack, Trello, Jira & Github.


Final Product

Finally, the product will be handed over after several testing and quality assurance. At this stage, clients can launch the product ready for users. To ensure the product works correctly and reliably over time, we may provide maintenance and support services.


After Project Relationship

We believe in building relationships with clients rather than just selling services. StaticMania team loves to make everyone feel welcoming. You'll get sincere assistance even after project completion.



When deciding if headless eCommerce is right for your business, you should consider how much control you want over your store’s design and functionality. If you want more control over how your store looks and functions and consider creating a unified customer experience across multiple channels. , then headless eCommerce may be a good option for you. so, It is important to evaluate all of your options carefully before making a decision.

When building an eCommerce store, there are several SEO best practices that should be followed to ensure the store is optimized for search engine visibility: such as speed, better customer experience, structured data, clean & error-free code, mobile-first indexing, etc.

Headless e-commerce development provides businesses with a scalable solution that can grow with their needs. You can separate the front-end user experience from the back-end data and logic, allowing you to quickly and easily make changes and updates to your store without having to rebuild the entire system. This makes it easier for businesses to add new features, products, and services as their businesses expand.

We provide some form of post-launch support, such as bug fixes and feature updates. We may even offer more comprehensive support packages that include ongoing maintenance and technical assistance. It’s important to ask about the type of support available before signing up for any service, so you know what kind of help you can expect after the launch.

Developing an eCommerce website requires a comprehensive process that involves planning, designing, coding, testing, and launching. We discuss closely with clients to understand their needs precisely and find prospects. After developing your site you allow to test it thoroughly. Once you’ve tested your website and are satisfied with the results, it’s can launch the final product.

The answer is literally yes.  Headless eCommerce allows businesses to create websites that are more user-friendly and accessible than ever before.  Consumers can shop from anywhere, anytime. Additionally, makes it easier for businesses to customize their websites so they can offer personalized shopping experiences.

The number of customers that can be on your headless e-commerce site at any one time when shopping depends on the hosting provider you are using. Generally, most hosting providers will offer a certain amount of bandwidth and storage space for your website, which will determine how many customers can access it at any one time

If you can dream it, we can make it. We believe in thinking big and starting small.

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