Frequently Asked


Why choose StaticMania for JAMStack themes?

StaticMania initiates its journey with industry expert Jamstack developers. The squad is devoted to bringing out the best of the best on-demand products. Jamstack templates at StaticMania have been built with outstanding quality which are highly functional, responsive, and customizable. You can choose based on your requirements from a wide range of Jamstack templates from the StaticMania store. StaticMania provides modern stack web development services by combining and implementing the latest Jamstack technology, design, plugins, and frameworks; with the intention to provide our consumers a no-code development platform. Not to mention, we ensure top-notch customer support in the fastest turnaround time.

What categories are available in JAMStack themes?

JAMStack templates are available to build modern websites for any type of business like agency, blogging, portfolio, news portal, and so on.

How to Choose the Right JAMStack Theme for my business?

In the StaticMania store, you will find general-purpose to special-purpose JAMStack Templates. These modern JAMStack themes allow users to build task-oriented stunning websites without any hitch. You can choose a JAMStack template from the available categories suiting your business needs and requirements.

Can I use a single purchased theme on multiple sites?

After purchasing a product you will get a license key for one particular website/URL. You can't use a once-purchased theme for multiple websites.

How to get support after purchasing a product?

If you purchase a product from StaticMania then you will receive free support from us via Email or Live Chat. Theme installation and bug fixing support will be provided after purchase.

What does lifetime free update mean?

We offer lifetime free updates to our premium users at no extra cost. That means when you purchase a product from StaticMania, you won't get the product only, you're entitled to receive updates, bug fixes, new releases, or additions for free as long as you use our product. Whenever we release a new version of the product or resolve any issues related to it we notify everyone who purchased it to download the update.

What is the difference between free and premium versions?

Premium products include premium class features, content elements, templates, and extensions. The Premium version grants you access to all the features of the product and also free online support and updates. Whereas, in the free version you will get limited features and functionality. Free templates offer no support and updates.

What is your refund policy?

All purchases at StaticMania are covered by our “Money Back Guarantee Policy” under specific circumstances. In case our product get any issue that can't be solved, product features are "not as described" or doesn’t work the way it should or there may be circumstances in which a refund is guaranteed; we will refund the full price you paid immediately. To know more details about our refund policy check out the info here 'StaticMania Refund Policy'.

Which payment methods do you accept?

You can use any of the payment methods listed below to pay for your order: - MasterCard - Paypal

What is premium support?

Premium support allows buyers to get installation and bug-fixing services from us. Our support team will respond to you directly within 24 hours. However, template customization service is not included in this offer.

Do you provide customization services?

We provide project-based client services. We also offer customization services to consumers of our theme. If you buy our theme and want to hire us for customization service, we are ready to help!

Do you provide documentation or tutorial with product?

Yes, you will get complete documentation and JAMStack theme customization tutorials for changing the theme based on your requirements. This guide will help you to change the site logo, color, header and footers, font, images, and everything else. The JAMStack development solution allows you to customize the design and content with ease.

Are the products cross-browser and multi-platform compatible?

JAMStack is a modern web development architecture that ensures the finest performance and great user experience. Our JAMStack templates are compatible with all browsers and supported by all types of devices.

Will I get the demo images with download package?

The images and content are used only for demonstration purposes. These are not included in the theme package.

What is your response turnaround time?

We respond to our customers as soon as possible. We offer round-the-clock services. Our customer support team will contact you whenever you need help.

Do you provide hosting service and support?

StaticMania provides reliable and secure hosting services based on the consumers' requirements. Our goal is to help out our customers to have a smooth journey with their JAMStack websites.

What To Do If I Don’t Get the Product I Paid For?

Sometimes due to technical issues, it causes delays in product delivery. Email us at [email protected] You must provide us your order number as well as your email. We will try to sort out your problem immediately.

Is this a Headless CMS?

JAMStack and headless CMS are closely related technologies but not the same at all. JAMStack evolves based on 2 core principles pre-rendering and decoupling. Here, the decoupling process creates a clean separation between the front-end and back-end. On the other hand, a headless content management system is a back-end content management system separated from the front-end presentation layer. With the integration of headless CMS, JAMStack users can read and write all types of content with a Visual Editor. The term “headless” comes from the uncoupling of the “head” (the front end) and the body (the back end). Please note that JAMStack sites don’t always have a headless CMS. A handful of JAMStack users choose to update content directly in markdown files with the Javascript framework. But most JAMStack users especially when the targeted users are non-tech people; developers prefer headless CMS for ensuring better Content management and development procedure.

Is it similar to WordPress?

WordPress follows a different web development methodology than JAMStack. WordPress is a CMS based on the LAMP stack. Here LAMP stands for Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP. In WordPress deployment backend and frontend are tightly coupled together. On the other hand, JAMStack is about building serverless, database-less static websites with Javascript, APIs, Markups. In JAMStack deployment backend and frontend are clearly decoupled. The objective is to build websites with a Headless CMS backend and a modern static website front-end.

Do the templates support Sass?

Yes, All the template use sass template

Are the product search engines optimized?

StaticMania JAMStack themes are fast, performant, lightweight, and easy to scan by crawlers. Overall website performance improves the user experience to a great extent and subsequently website visitor, and SEO efforts. So, you will get higher search results rankings. JAMStack Static websites provide blazing fast speed since the content is pre-generated. Even most of the time it seems the content, images, videos are presented to the user in no time. With our StaticMania themes, you can create your desired websites that will surely keep your business at the top of the SEO game.