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  • Craft CMS Review: Exploring the Features and Benefits

Craft CMS Review: Exploring the Features and Benefits

In the field of content management systems (CMS), there is an increasing demand for flexibility, scalability, and seamless integrations.

Craft CMS has emerged as a powerful and flexible platform for building websites and digital experiences. Developed by Pixel & Tonic in 2013, Craft CMS has gained popularity for its user-friendly interface, robust features, and scalability.

This blog thoroughly examines Craft CMS, including its architecture, features, benefits, and what sets it apart from other CMS platforms on the market

What Is Craft CMS?

Craft is an API-driven headless CMS. Designed to be flexible and intuitive, Craft CMS allows users to create customized websites that meet their specific needs.

Craft offers a comprehensive range of tools for creating, organizing, and publishing content, simplifying the process of managing website content. It provides extensive features for creating personalized digital experiences that exceed the limitations of traditional web platforms.

This CMS opens up a world of possibilities with its extensive selection of plugins and extensions. Hence, users can add desired functionality and awe-inspiring features.

Its flexibility, API-first approach, scalability, and security features make it a compelling choice for businesses and developers. Craft CMS is a reliable and versatile content management system that enables users to efficiently create and manage professional websites.

Tech Specs of Craft CMS

Craft is a self-hosted PHP application. It uses the Yii2 framework, providing a solid foundation for developers to create custom solutions. It can connect to MySQL and PostgreSQL for content storage. Templating is powered by Twig. For a better understanding, review the Server Requirements section for detailed information.

Craft is Trusted by Global Top Brands!

Craft CMS has been utilized to create an impressive number of 40,000 websites. Within this vast collection, there are several prominent names that stand out, including Netflix, Adidas, Ideo, Stanford, Ikea, Moz, TED, Top Ramen, Wrangler, Oakley, and more.

Key Features of Craft CMS

👉 Clean, Minimal, and Tailor-made Content Design


Craft, you have access to all the necessary features that allow you to personalize your design. Craft ensures that your design reflects your message seamlessly, without limitations or constraints. With Craft, you have the freedom to create a design that is in sync with your content, resulting in an exceptional user experience that captivates your audience.

  • Custom Fields: You can create custom fields based on your specific content needs. There is a wide range of built-in and plugin-supplied field types available to choose from.
  • Section Types: Craft has three types of sections: Singles, Channels, and Structures, which allow you to manage your entries differently based on your needs.
  • Relations: Craft offers a powerful relationship system that allows you to link your entries, categories, tags, assets, users, and even plugin-supplied element types.
  • Categories and Tags: Craft makes it easy to keep things organized with its built-in category and tag support. You can use Category Groups to organize taxonomies and apply them to other elements with a Categories field.
  • Multi-Site: Within a single Craft installation, it is possible to efficiently handle multiple sites. Sites can be used to manage content for different locales, or they can be entirely separate websites for the same parent company.
  • Localization: Craft offers excellent localization support, enabling you to efficiently translate and adapt your content for various languages and regions. You can tailor your site's content to specific languages and regions, all the way from URLs to custom field values.
  • Matrix: Craft's Matrix field type enables users to generate multiple types of content, including repeating and mixed content.
  • Entry Types: Craft allows for the efficient management of various content types within a single section with entry types.
  • Forms: In the Craft plugin store, you'll find powerful form builder plugins. You can create versatile forms for any project quickly using the plugin.

👉 Built-in Site Management Features 

Craft empowers you to effortlessly handle your website with utmost ease. Seamlessly update and enhance your content using Craft's comprehensive set of management tools, ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow.

  • Control Panel


A user-friendly control panel that is designed to be intuitive and handy for both content creation and administrative tasks. With this platform, managing your website's content and settings becomes a hassle-free experience.

  • Live Preview


With Live Preview, you can see how your content will appear before making it live. Additionally, you have the ability to share in-progress drafts with others through private preview URLs.

  • Asset Management


Craft offers a built-in asset management tool. It lets users organize files into volumes and subfolders and view files in list or thumbnail views. Additionally, it integrates with popular cloud storage platforms like Amazon S3, Rackspace Cloud Files, and Google Cloud Storage.

  • Image Editor: Craft provides an image editor that allows users to perform a variety of functions, such as cropping, rotating, flipping, and straightening photos. Additionally, users can set focal points to ensure optimal rendering across all devices.
  • User Management: Efficiently handle user groups, define permissions, and enable registration for public users with the user management system.
  • Fully Customizable Dashboard


Craft provides a unique and personalized experience for each user by offering a fully customizable dashboard. Users have the flexibility to tailor their dashboard according to their needs, ensuring a seamless and efficient workflow. Besides, users can add features like Feed (RSS), Quick Post, Recent Entries, Updates, Craft Support, Google Analytics, and Commerce reports, etc.

  • One Click Updating: Craft and all its plugins can be easily updated with one click. This feature ensures it always has the latest features, bug fixes, and security enhancements.

Craft Commerce

Craft offers a convenient solution for creating and managing a e-commerce store tailored to the specific needs of your business. You can develop an outstanding JAMstack-based eCommerce website with Craft Commerce. Craft Commerce is highly adaptable and can be customized to create the ideal store for you.

  • Tight Integration: Easily manage your product listing in Craft's Control Panel, just like any other content element. Customize and present them on your website with full control.
  •  Custom Order Fields: You have the flexibility to include custom fields in your orders, ensuring that you can easily keep a record of any specific order details that are important to your business.
  • Custom Checkout Flows
  • Efficient Cart and Order Management
  • Products and Variants
  • Subscriptions: Subscription allows you to expand your revenue streams and product options by incorporating subscriptions. Stores created with Craft Commerce have the capability to accept recurring payments through Stripe.
  • Sales and Promotions: You can use sales, coupon codes, special pricing, or dynamic pricing to encourage visitors to make a purchase from your store.
  • Taxes and Shipping: Define tax rules and gain full authority over tax regulations. Multiple shipping methods can be set up.
  • Purchasable and Gateway APIs
  • Extensively Extensible: Craft Commerce is designed to easily add powerful e-commerce capabilities to your site with plugins. Integrate easily with payment gateways, CRMs, and fulfillment services. Create your own apps for dynamic customer experiences.

👉 Developers-Toolkit 

Craft CMS provides developers with a robust set of tools to create and manage websites and web applications. The Developer's Toolkit, available with the Craft CMS, allows users to focus on building their desired content without any difficulties.

  • Plugin Store


You'll get a vast collection of plugins in the Craft Plugin Store. The number is rapidly growing and installable directly from the Control Panel. Additionally, you can trial.

  • Debug Toolbar: The Yii Debug Toolbar in Craft provides helpful debugging information about the current request/response.
  • Templating: Craft templates are powered by Twig, a sophisticated and robust templating system. Twig provides excellent methods to ensure code reusability
    and maintainability.
  • Headless Architecture: Craft CMS has a built-in GraphQL API for dynamic and interactive front-end experiences. This allows developers to use any front-end technology while benefitting from powerful content management capabilities. It also enables consistent experiences across different platforms for a cohesive customer experience.

👉 Craft Cloud

Craft Cloud offers a highly scalable hosting platform that caters to the needs of businesses of all sizes. With its comprehensive range of tools and features, Craft Cloud empowers users to confidently launch projects and websites.

  • On-demand Transforms
  • Multi-site Ready
  • CLI Commands
  • Scale Automatically
  • Global CDN
  • Static Caching
  • Resource Intensive
  • Secure
  • Full-stack Support

👉 Detailed Documentation

Craft CMS provides users with comprehensive documentation. This assists Craft users with valuable insights and guidance to get the most out of the platform. 

👉 Craft CMS Pricing

Craft CMS Pricing

Craft CMS offers four pricing plans.

  • Solo: Self-hosted and Free forever.
  • Pro Self-hosted:  Perfect for small professional teams.
  • Pro on Craft Cloud:  This plan is available on both a monthly and annual basis.  Suitable for a growing project
  • Enterprise is a suitable solution for projects with specific licensing requirements and needs.

Note: This price is subject to change at any time. It is determined by their policies. So we recommend you to visit their website for the updated information.

Pros and Cons of Craft CMS

Pros Cons
  • Open-source.
  • Highly flexible and customizable.
  • Offers a clean and intuitive interface.
  • Performance optimization features.
  • Support GraphQL and JSON API.
  • Prioritizes security and regularly releases updates and patches to address vulnerabilities.
  • Scalable and can handle projects of varying sizes.
  • Active, awesome community.
  • Powerful content modeling system .
  • Content Creation Tools.
  • Dev Team Friendly.
  • Learning Curve for Beginners.
  • Limited Ecosystem Compared to some other CMS platforms.
  • Craft CMS has specific hosting requirements that may require additional setup or maintenance.
  • A smaller community and limited community support.
  • While Craft CMS offers a high level of flexibility, there may still be some limitations when it comes to customization.
  • Proficiency in web development may be necessary for optimal use of Craft CMS.
  • Using the CMS is free, but extra licenses, plugins, and support can be costly, especially for bigger projects.

Why Should I Choose Craft CMS?

When it comes to selecting a Content Management System, there is no definitive answer as to which one is right or wrong.  However, certain CMS options may be more suitable for your specific requirements. 

Choosing a Headless Content Management System (CMS) is influenced by several factors. For example: specific needs, technical expertise, budget, scalability requirements, and the nature of the website or project. 

Craft CMS is a versatile content management system that can be used for a variety of website projects. It is often chosen for projects that require a high degree of customization, performance, and security. Such as e-commerce websites, digital publications, and marketing sites for businesses. 

Craft offers several compelling reasons for choosing it:

👉 Flexibility and Customization

Craft CMS is a highly customizable platform for developers to create tailored solutions for different projects. It is easy to extend with plugins and modules to meet specific needs.

👉 User-friendly Interface

Craft CMS features a clean and intuitive interface that facilitates easy content management. Its user-friendly control panel enables users to effortlessly handle content, organize assets, and configure settings.

👉 Performance

Craft CMS is designed to optimize performance through fast page loading and efficient database queries.

👉 Scalability

Craft CMS can scale effectively from small websites to large, enterprise-level projects. Its performance remains solid even as the site grows, making it suitable for long-term expansion.

👉 Security

Craft CMS prioritizes security, offering a solid foundation for your website. It includes a built-in security system to safeguard against common web vulnerabilities, like cross-site scripting and SQL injection attacks. Regular updates and patches are released to address any security risks and maintain the security of your website.

👉 SEO-Friendly

Craft CMS improves SEO by offering features and tools for better visibility in search results. You can customize meta tags and create SEO-friendly URLs. It optimizes content for keywords and generates XML sitemaps for efficient indexing.

The Final Remarks

Overall, Craft stands out in the world of content management systems due to its user-friendly interface, powerful features, and flexibility. Whether you are a content creator, developer, or business owner, Craft CMS offers the tools and capabilities to bring your vision to life. As the platform continues to evolve, it remains a viable option for those seeking a dependable and flexible CMS for their web projects.

Embrace excellence with Craft Headless CMS - the unparalleled solution that will take you from average to extraordinary!

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